Jenna Grey
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 723

Shiri Deakin has spent the first twenty-one years of her life living in a secluded cottage in the heart of the Kent countryside with her eccentric old grandfather, Grappy, who talks to butterflies and believes that unicorns really exist. She spends her life reading, playing dumb games on her iPad and laptop, listening to Linkin Park and Girls Aloud, Tweeting, and looking after her grandfather. That's her life and she loves it. Her only link with the outside world is the TV and her laptop, and she's very happy with her isolated existence until her grandfather dies, leaving her alone. Five weeks after his death, Shiri accidentally uncovers a chamber in her back garden, which contains two large sarcophagi - and from then on - all hell breaks loose - literally. Over the next few days Shiri is persecuted by horrific nightmares and terrifying attacks from an unseen entity. When the mutilated ...
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