James Atkinson
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Pages: 98

wheelchair workouts, get fit from a seated positionA great guide for wheelchair fitnessIf you are a wheelchair user you will no doubt be aware that stripping off fat and staying fit can be a lot more challenging.If you are a wheelchair user and are looking to lose weight, start a fitness routine, tone up or just want to maintain a good level of physical fitness, you will benefit from this book.If you are fit and strong, you will have a better quality of life.In this book you will have access to:Detailed exercise descriptions for wheelchair users including picturesFull routines that can be done from home with minimal equipmentCircuit training routinesInformation on dietInformation on cardio and resistance training for wheelchair usersAnd much moreThe information in this book caters for all ranges of fitness level and ability; it aims to spark creativity when it comes to planning workouts ...
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