Paul Bondsfield
Publisher: Paul Bondsfield
Pages: 322

All families have secrets, but some secrets are deadly. In this adventurous treasure hunt, two families’ secrets collide across generations and continents. One family is from the Matabele people defending their very existence and the other from the colonial 'intruders' intent on domination of a wild land. Rumours of a great treasure of diamonds, buried deep in the African bush has swirled around the Braughton clan for generations and an old painting holds clues to these secrets no one understands ... although many have tried.Loves, courage and loyalties are tested across a century of intrigue but James and Tara Braughton decide to solve the family riddle by travelling to southern Africa at a time of political change. Clues left them by Great Aunt Nellie who recently died point them in the direction of the treasure. But they discover more secrets on their journey from comfortable ...
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