Allan Twain
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 25

Twain: Emotional Series Self-DevelopmentHow to Explore, Identify and Develop the Secret Patterns of Success and Positively Improve Your Thought Patterns Every Single Day for the Rest of Your Life This book contains proven steps and strategies on how you can effectively leverage your strengths to achieve your goals. It also provides an outline on how you can identify your potential, improve your sense of self-worth, and inspire positivity as you gear up for success.As it were, the key to achieving your goals lies in the seamless confluence of your drive to succeed and your mental aptitude to overcome challenges along the way. It is therefore necessary that you develop a healthy regard for what you are capable of, enhance your potential and strengths, create a blueprint of what you want to achieve, and improve the quality of your life in order to lend greater depth and meaning to your ...
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