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This Book Is Designed For People Who Have NEVER Written A Book I'm not a writer. Before I started my eBook business, I had never written more than a school essay. This book was written with you in mind, because I know how intimidating it can be to be an "author" when you don't see yourself that way. I'm going to show you how to build an eBook business even if you hate writing.Build Your Dream Passive Income StreamPut in the hard work up front, and allow the sales to roll in forever while you sleep, travel, and pursue other projects. You can start building your monthly income with Kindle eBooks in as little as one week. Once you've published your book, you can earn money passively for the rest of your life. What you choose to do with your extra money is up to you.Are You Trying To Build A Side Business From Home?When I wrote my first eBook last year, I wouldn't have considered myself an ...
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