Gary A. Braunbeck
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 310

This selection of short fiction by award-winning author Gary A.Braunbeck is a haunting and evocative collection, plumbing the heights and depths of the human spirit. Braunbeck writes of everyday people, with everyday joys and tragedies. He channels his fellow Ohioans Bradbury and Serling, writing passionate and beautiful prose which challenges the reader who would dismiss his work as mere "popular fiction." This selection gathers many of his previously published short works along with new material, and is a wonderful and wondrous introduction to those who have yet to read him. The works span many genres, and will appeal to any reader who appreciates the short story form, and introduce it at its best to those who wonder what all the fuss is about.As well, fans of Braunbeck's Cedar Hill novels will be pleased to find several visits to that little burgh within these pages...
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