Natalie Moon
ASIN: B00H89Q3L6
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Pages: 143

Borderline Personality Disorder not only affects the person afflicted with it, but also their families and loved ones, sometimes even more so than the BPD sufferer herself/himself. When it is a parent that is afflicted, turmoil, strife and physical and emotional abuse of the children (and sometimes even the other parent) can result. This book was written by four authors (all of them adult daughters) with four separate stories - three about their Borderline Personality Disordered mothers, and one about her BPD father. They are publishing their gripping stories because they believe it is important that families and survivors in similar situations know that they are not alone. No one understands what goes on behind closed doors in such families - except those coping with their own BPD parent. Often, children in these families are taught at a young age that the turmoil exhibited by the BPD ...
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