Kristy K. James
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 244

What readers are saying about Code Red Christmas~ While I've liked all the books in the series. I think this is my favorite ( of course I said the same about all the others also). ~~ I really love this series and Darby and Cal's story didn't disappoint. ~~ Kristy gives us another great read! All the books in this series are page turners. Once you pick it up you won't want to put it down. ~***This book is the fifth in the Coach's Boys series. Because of the mystery involving a secondary character, the books should be read in order.***When she promised 'until death do us part,' she meant it…When Darby O'Hara believed in something, she believed in it forever, and her marriage rated at the top of that list. But she hadn't counted on a husband who devoted most of his life to his business. As the years passed, and he spent more and more hours away from home, her dreams of becoming a mother ...
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