Kent Roberts
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 236

What if you awoke to find you could see into the spiritual world?Kaitlynn Havens thought it was a drug-induced hallucination gone wrong. But it was true--a truth she may not be ready for. Along the way, she joins Laura and Nick on the run from a media mogul hell-bent on retrieving what he feels has been stolen by the Drifter and his companion following the death of his son.In the spiritual realm, the angel, Eirin, is driven by his ambition and pushed to the edge by his frustration under the command of his arch, Suriyan. His thoughts turn to revenge, and his mind clouds with questions, doubt, and anger--both with his superior, and with his role in the war of good vs. evil. After all, what is good? What is evil? And which one is best served by our God given desires and ability?In the vein of Frank Peretti’s “Darkness” novels of spiritual warfare and Christian suspense comes the 2nd ...
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