Elizabeth Allen
Publisher: Amazon.com Services LLC
Pages: 216

A delightful and captivating love story told through the eyes of one disarming Chihuahua and his devoted and slightly neurotic person, who despite the unexpected loss of his brother, promises to dedicate her summer to his care. Manifesting Mongrel is an introspective look at the deep bonds we form with our pets, written with a genuine candor and sprinkled with some absurdly funny and enlightening moments, during one long hot summer in a Chihuahua-riddled, inner-city neighborhood. More than just another charming story about animals, Manifesting Mongrel also takes us inside the unique world of helping pet parents deal and cope with the unique loss of a pet, as the author counsels pet parents on animal hospice, pet euthanasia, planning the last day and ultimately the art of letting go. Insightful and heart-warming, the author embraces her own unique loss through her rewarding work which ...
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5 stars from 9 ratings
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