Noel Hynd
Publisher: Red Cat Tales LLC, Publishing, Los Angeles, California
Pages: 536

Perhaps most memorable ghost story you will ever read....Revised 2019 edition with new introduction...... The classic ghost story is baaaaack....!Enter a world where the departed return to the world of the living....where ghosts walk and intermingle among us.....Nantucket Island. Quiet. Peaceful. Idyllic. For Oscar-winning actress Annette Carlson, it is the perfect refuge from a demanding career. For brilliant burned-out cop Tim Brooks, it's a chance to get away from the crime-ridden streets of the big city. And for Reverend George Osaro, ghost hunter, it is about to become a place of unspeakable terror...."GHOSTS is one of the most refreshing reads of the year....It is a reminder of what made us love horror in the first place. GHOSTS is a gem." T. Liam McDonald, Cemetery Dance Magazine"GHOSTS left me feeling truly haunted. It is a remarkable novel." Rick Hautala"Noel Hynd is one of the ...
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