Rowan Elsey
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 71

Anti-aging and longevity has become one of the most heavily researched topics of recent times and indeed it is predicted that the global anti-aging products market will reach $291.9 Billion (yes... Billion!) by 2015.Whether the idea started from a story book in your childhood or from noticing that first wrinkle in the mirror in your late twenties, almost ALL of us would love to have our youthful skin and our able bodies well into our 80's and beyond. Cosmetic and pharmaceutical companies are constantly in the race to put the next best and brightest product on the market. 'Collagen Boosted' this and 'Stem Cell Enhanced' that, with endless promise that their product will provide the fountain of youth... for an often drastic price.What you may not know about many of these products is that they often contain chemicals that are not only harmful to your skin, but also don't leave any lasting ...
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