Heather Ferrier
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 247

Follow the fortunes of Maisie and George in this sequel to The Boy Who Vanished.It's England 1922 and Maisie has taken the decision to leave her past behind, planning a new life in Australia for herself and son George. At the outset she makes a hasty judgement which will have devastating consequences for both of them. George finds himself in South Western Australia in one of the infamous farm schools. Maisie is placed in domestic service on a sheep farm with a family who has designs on her as a wife for their brutish son.Maisie's attempts to locate George are continually thwarted till he concludes that she has abandoned him. Both mother and son have so much to cope with. Can they survive? Will they ever find each other again?
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4 stars from 8 ratings
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