Clayton Lindemuth
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 375

"Immersive... Brutal... Primal..." KIRKUS Review Baer Creighton is a gifted distiller of fruited moonshine, cursed with the ability to detect even the subtlest deception. He lives in the woods next to his house and talks to his dog Fred... until Fred goes missing. A week later, harvesting apples in moonlight, Baer watches a string of headlights emerge from a distant wood. A single truck turns toward Baer, backs in, tosses Fred to the ditch.Baer vows to hunt down every man present at the fight ring and give him the cruelest death he can muster. But he tips his hand and begins a war of attrition against a cabal of men steeped in blood sport and thirsty for violence. Baer's moxie will either lead him to unleash the most horrifying vengeance he can distill, or paradoxically, back to humanity, and redemption.Or both.Literary depth. Thriller pace. Grab your copy now!★★★★★ ...
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