Aldred Chase
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 276

Life is good for Keth. He has become the most powerful person in the city of Russett, where he is both the prince’s fool and his most trusted adviser. The secret of Keth’s success is listening to the tart, sour comments that the turnip on the end of his fool’s stick pours into his mind, which no one else can hear.When an earthquake strikes Russett, it is only the first in a series of disasters to devastate the city. Superstitious folk say that these are signs that a dragon is coming. Keth’s turnip tells him that these are only natural events and dragons don’t exist, but he can use peoples’ fears to his own advantage.In the ruined city, Keth has to decide who he will trust and what he truly believes in. Judgment is coming. The fate of his friends and the survival of the land depend on the choices he makes.Dragon’s Fool is book four in the Nobody’s Fool Quartet, the ...
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