K.L. Shandwick
Publisher: K.L.Shandwick
Pages: 368

Lily Parnell isn’t a dumb person, but she has never encountered a man like Alfie Black before. Not only is Alfie a hot rock-god in the making, but he is also irresistible, charismatic, charming, and with s*x appeal oozing from every pour. Usually, what Alfie wants he gets— period.And Alfie wants Lily. Does Lily stand a chance with a guy like him?He doesn’t just want her, he craves her. Driven by his desire, he is relentless in his seductive pursuit and Lily doesn’t a chance.What he is offering isn’t love and romance, but a secret relationship surrounded by mystery, and full of passion.Would Lily think this was enough when enough isn’t everything?Join Alfie Black and his British girl in America, Lily, for a rollercoaster of a ride in this angsty rockstar romance.'Such a heart-wrenching book about a girl trying to discover herself but makes a few wrong decisions along the way. I love the ...
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4.5 stars from 109 ratings
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