James J. Hunt II
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Pages: 27

The Adventure Dads 10 Day Challenge is designed to be fun... but also challenge you as a father to aspire to be more intentional in the lives of your children. Use this short challenge to begin thinking and acting in ways that will move you beyond wanting to do something for your children... to taking action to be who our families need us to be.Use the The Adventure Dads 10 Day Challenge for 10 days in a row... or for 10 weeks; individually... or with a small group for accountability. The point is... use it! This is a tool to encourage you to take action.Be. Do. Live.Be who you were created to be. Whether you planned it or not... whether you feel ready or not... whether you want to be or not... there is no getting around it. YOU are a father, a man, a dad, maybe even a grandfather. It is no accident that you are in the position of parenting your child... God designed it that way. You ...
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