Miley Smiley
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 32

Children's books ages 3 5: "Mushy! Fishy! Soupy!" (Bedtime stories children's book) What Readers Say:-I read this to my three year old son. He loves hearing it and I love reading it to him. It just makes him fall out laughing.-It's a really fun book. I read it to my little four year old sister and she laughed so much.-This is a funny bedtime story that also teaches two very important lessons..You can learn basic counting 1-10 as you follows Hilda the Teaspoon's days..The other is too much sweets can give you a tummy ache like when Hilda the Teaspoon tries ice cream and loves it..She ends up eating so much she makes herself sick..The illustrations are cute, bright and colorful...My niece especially giggled at the picture of Hilda sneezing over the pepper she tasted.-This is a cute story bringing a spoon's eye view of tastes. My grand daughter loved it!-This is a cute children's book ...
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