Nicholas J. Meyer
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 162

Are you putting your health at risk with toxic pesticides?Studies show that we can reduce our exposure to harmful chemicals by an astounding 81% just by switching to organic food, but going organic on a budget has always been difficult. Until Now, that is.In this easy-to-follow book from AP Award-winning author Nicholas J. Meyer, who's been featured on the top natural health sites in the U.S. including and Natural News, you'll learn: -What organic foods last the longest (and give you the most value) -The one simple trick that can save you as much as 67% on organic greens -Tips for storing, preserving, and maximizing the freshness of organic food -A rarely-used buying trick that can save you as much as 89% (!) on organic groceries according to one recent university study -And most importantly, how to save ten times more money than the cost of this book in less than a week! ...
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