Steven Lindsay
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 299

Humanity discovered immortality then it destroyed the world. For centuries humanity has stagnated in the hellish prison of its own making but times are changing.Christopher Silverthorn is the legendary Biologist, the founder of the Crystal Place, last bastion of nature. But he will not contain it within his crystal walls, he has every intention of healing the world. And he will do anything and everything to achieve his goal.Annabelle Merryweather has spent the last century hiding away after a brutal gang rape but she has been lured out by the prospect of finding out the identities of her attackers.But Anna is not prepared for the fast paced world of Eden, or all its hidden agendas. For Christopher has plans for her. Plans that could grant her the freedom from the darkness consuming her or could see her killed. Anna is swept along on a collision course of violent retribution but will she ...
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