C. L. Heckman
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 214

INSPIRED BY A TRUE STORY OF LOVE AND ABUSE I can hear his footsteps. The wood creaks under his 200 pound body, wincing from the weight, screaming out loud under the pressure. That’s where the wood and I differ. I’ve learned over the years that crying doesn’t help; in fact, it only makes Charlie angrier. I slide under my bed, crawling into the shadows of my stuffed animals from above. There’s no postponing the inevitable, and my hands grip the carpet beneath me to stop them from trembling. Home life has never been something I like to talk about, and my senior year of high school is no exception. The only way to keep my body from being tainted with black and blue is to stay away from my family altogether. Somehow, I’ve stumbled upon an amazing group of friends and a drop-dead gorgeous guy, Jake, who has become a very much appreciated distraction. ...
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