Cyndi A. Johnson
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 40

Yelp! is a short eBook designed to show you how to use this social media site effectively and spend your money wisely on restaurants, hotel, and other services. My husband and I eat at the best restaurants everywhere we go. We find the coolest hotels to rest our bones. I’m going to share with you our not-so-secret secrets. Through the magic of social media, the Yelp community helps each other sift through the hundreds of thousands of restaurants, hotels, and other services worldwide to find the ones that suit your tastes – and budgets – best. The site is free. What makes it successful is that people contribute for free. My goal is to show you how we have used the site to find some fabulous restaurants across the globe, and how to write your own reviews, so that you can give back to this totally awesome community.
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