Cab McLarty
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 166

Based on the author’s lifetime in East Tennessee and Kentucky, these stories neither over-romanticize the people as noble stalwarts struggling to maintain their culture in the face of overwhelming odds nor stereotype them as shotgun toting, banjo picking, ignorant hillbillies. The stories are of real folks who are at once caring, ambitious, desperate, loving, violent, and creative. They are of a people often battling themselves as much as they are the constraints of power, religion, and culture with which they live. All but the last story fall under the rubric of creative nonfiction although there are variations among the accounts in how much has been created. The first three, APPALACHIAN RAGE, COAL AND BRASS BEDS, and THE SELLING OF BOBBIE JO, are written as close to how the actual events and conversations occurred as memory allows. The situation, setting, and occurrences depicted in ...
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