Mary Guay
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 326

If you only do a quarter of the actions suggested in this book, you could save more than $2,000 every year and lose weight. We save over $6,000 every year and I lost sixty pounds as an added benefit for working to save the planet and protect our children's futures.•Yes, climate change is real•Know the facts •Understand why it is a problem now•Recognize how this puts our children at risk•Learn simple lifestyle changes you can make•Educate your children about the global warming problems they will face•Prepare to save thousands of dollars, protect and restore your health, and live longer (that's some of the rewards).One reviewer wrote, "The writing style, when the author is laying out facts and details of the situation, is clear and forthright, and I like that she makes no bones about where she stands politically. She doesn't distort the facts, she reports them. When the ...
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