Karen Luniw
Publisher: Karen Luniw International
Pages: 402

Ever wondered exactly what the Law of Attraction Experts do on a daily basis to attract what they want?The Law of Attraction in Action: A Year of Wow Daily Attraction Journal is the formula that Law of Attraction & Mindset Expert Karen Luniw uses. Karen has been on the iTunes Top 10 Self-Help podcast list since 2006 with over 20 million downloads of her Law of Attraction Tips podcasts.In this Daily Attraction Journal, Karen will share the secret to her winning formula - QQCC - which has catapulted her clients and her own results to a whole new level! If you've been feeling stuck - QQCC will help you to unblock yourself anytime you're feeling blocked. What would it feel like a year from now and think WOW?!! That's what this 402 page journal is designed to do. The fabulous aspect of this journal is that you don't have to wait until January 1st to get started - the Daily Attraction Journal ...
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