Ronald B. Wheatley
ASIN: B00I0D381C
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 243

The author of the prize wining and best selling historical novel “A Song of Africa,” Ronald Wheatley turns his attention to the tumultuous days on the eve of the American Revolution in a courtroom drama that brings to life Boston slave poet Phillis Wheatley on trial before eighteen of the most eminent men of the Town. Her “crime,” the God-given gift enabling her to compose poetry capable of touching the soul – words so brilliantly crafted that her work would be compared to England’s Poet Laureate, Alexander Pope. Surely no mere slave could have written the finest poetry produced in the colonies. The outcome will determine not only Philiis’ fate but also a course of a young nation. This play had its world premier at Bridgwater State University a decade ago as part of the University's celebration of "Black History Month.""Classic American history theater for readers who are weary of The ...
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