WoWo Nanner
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 18

Just when you thought it was safe to stop reading book blurbs . . . along comes THIS!A LESSMAN SAMPLER is your first frightening foray into DAYS OF CLU LESSMAN — a multi-volume series of shorter-than-you’d-prefer, yet conveniently bargain-priced episodes, adventures, anecdotes, narrated dreams and vomited thoughts told in the mildly insipid voice of series hero, Mr. Clu Lessman.You’ll thrill to the edge-of-your-seat suspense (depending on how you sit while reading), the ferocious lack of plot, and the aggressive over-promotion of Mr. Lessman’s string of future bestsellers, including the post-Watergate DIY book, WOODWORK AND BERNSTEIN, and the recovered-memoir, VARIOUS THINGS I’VE BEEN BOOED OFF STAGE FOR.And you’ll find your own answer to the all-important question: Are three heads better than a man’s God-given two?DAYS OF CLU LESSMAN.Come for the terrible advice, stay for ...
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