Terry M. West
ASIN: B00I66B63U
Publisher: Pleasant Storm Entertainment, Inc.
Pages: 59

Say hello to Cecil McGee and Turner "Bubba" Teague. These two Southern slackers go and get themselves cursed by a drunk gypsy, and then they hire onto a paranormal investigation to make the rent. Soon they are haunted by a seductive demon and all hell breaks loose!Here is what some fine upstanding folks have said about our heroes:“…my two new favorite fictional characters…”-Michael Donner, CREEPERCAST.COM“Cecil and Bubba Meet a Succubus combines horror and comedy so well that I find myself returning to it.”-Dale Herring, GEEKDOM OF GORE“Fantastic and very cool tale that’ll make you want to sit down, fire up that old computer and play Redneck Rampage again and again!”-Author, Robin Dover“The two main characters are hilarious, and I loved the clever plot twist at the end. I’m so glad West will be writing more stories featuring this great pair of ...
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5 stars from 18 ratings
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