Sam Sisavath
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 526

Book #2 in the Purge of Babylon post-apocalyptic series. ________________________________________MAN IS NO LONGER AT THE TOP OF THE FOOD CHAIN.The Purge has devastated the globe, turning much of humanity into night-dwelling, bloodthirsty creatures (dubbed "ghouls" by the survivors), while small pockets of remaining humans have managed to carry on.With the loss of their sanctuary, Will and his small band of survivors are forced to seek shelter elsewhere. Following the call of a mysterious radio broadcast, they make the treacherous journey to Louisiana, where an island might hold the key to survival.Along the way they meet new survivors, clash with new enemies, and renew old acquaintances that have been forever altered. Collaborators--humans working with the ghouls--are more dangerous than ever, and the ghouls have begun a new phase of their domination.Will learns that a larger war ...
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