Jenna Grey
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 361

Contains adult themes, strong language and scenes of a violent or sexual nature throughout, including same gender sex.Aria Swift and Jason Sabatini have never met - they are not even aware of the other's existence, but their lives are inextricably bound together by fate . . . and a mysterious organisation called Fortunata, a foundation whose sole purpose is to find the gifted amongst humanity and shapes their lives. Fortunata: so powerful that it can control the destiny of nations, or destroy the lives of individuals at a whim. A corporate entity that is run by three enigmatic figures who can change the past and the future.October 6th, 2008 was the day that changed everything for Jason and Aria. It was the day that saw Aria's beloved father killed in a car crash and Jason's mother die in a freak electrical accident. It was a day that should never have happened.Since that day both of ...
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