Candi Silk
Publisher: Wildfire Romance Publishing LLC
Pages: 85

TASTE ME is romantic erotica unleashed. That once-in-a-lifetime happening. That daring kind of meeting that is too good to be true, but it happened to 28 year-old Kara James when she least expected it. And then the risky erotic sex with a stranger when desires tangled and passions collided and erupted in a fiery night of sexual pleasure, fueled by the inviting words, “Taste me, Jonah…all over.” TASTE ME is Candi Silk’s debut erotic romance. Romantic erotica that’ll rock a woman’s world. It will give you a “taste” of Candi’s writing. Included are bonus chapters from other Candi Silk erotic escapades. Enjoy! ***** WARNING! Candi Silk’s romantic erotica is explicitly and sensuously written for the entertainment of mature adult readers, 18 years or older!
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