The Rogue Hypnotist
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 628

Book 4 in the Confessions of a Rogue Hypnotist series is here! This is the book about what THEY definitely don’t want you to know: ‘Forbidden hypnotic secrets!’ You want to know it ALL don’t you! There is a magical allure in the very word ‘secret.’ This may well be THE definitive book on the hitherto mystery of waking hypnosis, authoritarian and indirect; what it is and how to create it at will! The Rogue Hypnotist is giving away more than ever before; and what’s more unlike everyone else he’s doing so for almost nothing! Never had so much been given away for so little! What fantastic enigmas will be unearthed? 1. Amazing methods of how to induce waking (eyes open) hypnosis in absolutely anyone: guaranteed! 2. The forbidden history of hypnosis: the ageless, timeless principles behind all successful hypnosis will be uncovered in rapid detail. 3. A treasure trove of ...
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