K.T. Tomb
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 160

**2018 Revised and Updated Edition**During the Third Crusade, Richard the Lionheart leads his men toward Jerusalem with the intent to seize control of it from his battle nemesis, Saladin. However, a higher power has something else planned for the king's destiny...a quest for a religious relic detours these adversaries from their religious war to an odyssey that takes them across a vast desert to a legendary mountain that is as treacherous as it is magnificent. However, Richard's enemy must become his ally if they are to survive and thrive. Lives are at stake and others are interested in the treasure, too. Not to mention, there's gold and everyone wants it.In The Last Crusade, acclaimed adventure author K.T. Tomb pits two kings against each other. Each must sacrifice some of his pride and power in order to fulfill a divine command of obedience on their dangerous quest for the greatest ...
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