Matt Zachary
Publisher: Porterlance Books
Pages: 129

"Elliott's Winter" is book one in the new series, The Elliott Chronicles, by best selling author, Matt Zachary. From a small farm town in West Virginia, Elliott lived a simple life. He was a shy, somewhat introverted eleven year old with a dad who was like his best friend. His other best friend, Nick, was much more outgoing. Life was good for Elliott, but one winter day, all that changed, turning his life upside down. Suddenly, he was forced to get used to a new environment, new friends and even new and unfamiliar feelings that would just be the beginning of all the changes he would endure.This book is a novella of about 19,000 words.Other books by Matt Zachary:New Discoveries (Book 1 of the New Discoveries series)Broken Hearts (Book 2 of the New Discoveries series)Life Changes (Book 3 of the New Discoveries series)New Beginnings (Book 4 of the New Discoveries series)The New Discoveries ...
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