Darren Lewis
Publisher: Amazon.com Services LLC
Pages: 282

"...compelling and well-plotted...The Seren Trilogy is most highly recommended." -Readers' Favorite-Do you believe in magic?Our world was born into chaos four billion years ago. It has survived to nurture and protect a species that is duty-bound to help it live. And it's not human. Now, those protectors are dying and the Earth will perish. Their leader Rox has a plan, but she will not be alone. From a chance meeting, Rox will travel with the bravest creature she has ever met: a young human girl, Ellie.Her new dragon companion, Cole, will fly her to amazing heights and plummet to the lowest depths beneath the earth, as they embark together on a perilous and personal quest to discover something precious lost so long ago. The fate of mankind hangs in the balance and on the shoulders of Ellie and her new friend. Old and new friendships will come together to overcome the dreadful future the ...
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