Linda Schmalz
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 374

Carly Middleton either has ghosts in her attic or bats in her belfry, and neither option deems all that spectacular. She is apt to choose her craziness however, rather than admit that her new home in Lake Della, Wisconsin is haunted. But when hunky and handsome Mike Valentine shows interest in Carly's paranormal problem, hormones rule her head, and she agrees to have the house investigated for ghosts. When the investigation proves her home haunted, Carly calls in a psychic who discovers her housemates are two sisters from the Civil War era who refuse to leave until they get what they want; and what they want is a man, and that man is Mike. Unwilling to sacrifice her boyfriend, Carly must find someone else to seduce her dead house guests to the other side. When Hal Davenport, the abusive town menace returns to Della, Carly finds her candidate. But can she convince the ghosts that Hal is ...
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