Mia Moore
Publisher: Amazon.com Services LLC
Pages: 208

What really goes on at a Swinger's Club?Erica and her girlfriends are in their late 20’s and they’re going to have to settle down soon. A Saturday night dare leads the three women to visit an elegant swinger’s club. They’ll go in, have a drink, have a giggle watching the action, and leave. At the last minute, her friends chicken out, leaving her at the entrance. Erica’s demanding career doesn’t give her a lot of chances to blow off steam, so she decides to go in.Alone.As soon as she enters, she’s immersed in the Swinger Lifestyle. She instantly learns that she’s a swinger’s fantasy- a Unicorn, that rare creature; a single woman at the couple’s club. It’s an adult fantasy made real. All around her she watches couples enjoy varieties of play. She sees wife sharing as she watches a husband and wife take on a single man as a third partner in a threesome . Another couple engages in cuckold ...
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