Hannah Raybans
Publisher: Kids Book for Parenting, Leadership, Education leadership Publishing House
Pages: 18

A parenting kids Guide with Leadership Tips & Education for kids in all ages!Every parent dreams that one day their child will become a great leader and, at the very minimum, that they will develop leadership skills that will allow them to successfully navigate through life and become a productive adult. As a parent, you recognize that childhood is the most delicate and impressionable period because during that time, the foundation for a child’s future personality is established. This is why it’s so vital to teach your child leadership skills early and for parents to have a clear definition of a leader which I will discuss in Chapter 4. Some parents mistakenly confuse being a leader with being a “star.” They think because their child is popular, gets good grades, or is a talented athlete, that means they are leaders or have leadership skills. Not taking anything away from your ...
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