C. Jai Ferry
Publisher: Inkwell International
Pages: 43

Some people spend their entire lives recovering from childhood. Honeysuckle Road includes four stories about children and child-like characters struggling to overcome their everyday challenges: •A young girl learns about the consequences of being accepted as "one of the crowd" and realizes that maybe she is not in such a hurry to let go of her childhood. •A man with mental illness encounters an unassuming child who changes the way he perceives the world around him.•Rather than deal with his sham of a marriage to a underage wife who doesn't love him, a young man turns to the television for counselling, closely following the words of Jerry Springer.•A boy finally faces the demons of his youth, but his success is short-lived when he realizes that his closest friend has egged him on. Will their friendship survive the summer?What readers are saying about C. Jai Ferry’s writing:“a ...
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