T. J. Brown
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 396

Skeptical Newton Barlow thinks there are too many ghosts in his past. Wait until he sees how many there are in his future.Dr Barlow had everything exactly the way he wanted it – a glittering career in the lab and on television, a glamorous wife, and best of all, the opportunity to promote his rock-solid certainty that supernatural and religious beliefs are nothing but complete and utter hokum. Then Barlow takes a tumble. Mired in accusations of fraud, the great skeptic is cast from the scientific establishment and catapulted from the family home into a wine-sodden wilderness. Then, after three lost years, he is approached by the equally skeptical Dr Sixsmith with a proposition; an extraordinary offer that Barlow is in no position to refuse. There’s just one small problem. Sixsmith is dead. Thrown headlong into a new paranormal reality, Barlow is about to come up against the best and ...
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