Yonit Werber
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 30

It’s always a pleasure to receive great gifts, but can you agree that it can be more of a pleasure to give them? In this well-illustrated rhyming story for children, a young boy is given many presents during his party on his eighth birthday. Once his friends have all gone home, he opens his presents and sadly discovers that they’re all just like the toys he already has. His mother sees his disappointment and comes up with a great plan. She asks him to place all of the gifts he thinks he won’t play with, into a box. They then take a drive to the children’s shelter, and there they give the toys to the shelter children who are all truly happy with their new gifts. When our young boy sees just how happy the children are, he realizes that by giving he actually received something in return. His best present ever was knowing that he had made others very happy.
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