Ernie Mannix
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 238

When Truman Morrow decides that he's had enough of the movie business, a near-death encounter with a mysterious stranger reveals that this former Hollywood insider has been chosen for a dangerous mission, one far more important than fame and fortune. Six Devils In The San Fernando Valley, is a novel about the mysterious land behind the Hollywood sign. From the historic mission of its patron saint, to the soul-crushing chief executive of a movie studio, Truman Morrow romances and fights his way through the dark shadows of the valley, weaving danger, love, mystery and history into a romantic thriller that will leave you questioning the very foundations of the entertainment business.“Six Devils In The San Fernando Valley is one of the best books ever written about Hollywood simply because it does what others haven’t. It shows us that the road to hell is paved with gold and lined with movie ...
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