Lisa Crane
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 86

A broken engagement, a string of bad blind dates and “fix-ups”, and Alex Barton is beginning to believe she’ll be alone the rest of her life. All she wants is a man who’ll take care of her heart. Then one day, she walks out of her office and stumbles straight into the path of a mounted police officer and his runaway horse. When Alex awakens, she finds herself in the arms of a handsome cowboy … in 1875! Is she dreaming? Is she dead?Chance McAllister grudgingly agrees to take Alex to his home, where his aunt will make the perfect chaperone. He has to admit, he finds this strange woman fascinating and beautiful.In a matter of days, Alex begins to feel as if she belongs with Chance McAllister, the handsome cowboy. But she can’t help wondering … what will happen when she wakes up from this crazy dream? What will happen to the cowboy with the November blue eyes?Don't miss the accompanying ...
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