Luke Meier
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 99

In this new adventure from Luke Meier, Leo and his Bernese mountain dog, Bucky, are back. Together they must save their friends with the help of Leo's Dad and help to bring peace to the universe.Leo's friends are still trapped on a faraway Planet waiting for Leo and Bucky to return while back on earth Leo must trick his mother and best friend into believing that nothing has changed, and convince his father that all of this crazy alien stuff is real!Will Leo be able to bring back help to the Cave Planet? Will his Dad believe him? Can Leo and Bucky save their new found friends from the droids that rule the Cave Planet? This exciting new book is the second in the Portal series, written by nine year old Luke Meier (assisted by his father Joe). Overwhelmingly positive reviews for the young author and his second book include:“A reader goes on a mind adventure thanks to the creative writing ...
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