Evelyn Mundy
Publisher: Amazon.com Services LLC
Pages: 104

I am Not an experienced author. My emphasis is not on creative writing, but on content. As such, this book will not be the best book that you will ever read. However, If you or someone that you know is experiencing anxiety, depression, despair, thoughts of suicide, etc..., this book was written to let them know that they are not alone. There is hope!!! - INSPIRING - MOTIVATIONAL - ENTERTAINING – HUMOROUSEasy to read book (2 - 3 hours) of TRUE stories about Rick, his brain injury / stroke and his dog that saved his life. After years of alcohol & drug abuse, denial, self pity, depression, despair etc... Rick is living proof that MIRACLES DO HAPPEN!!! Believing that others could use a good laugh while benefiting from his misfortune, he feels compelled to share... "MOST OF US HAVE BEEN TOLD THAT ANGELS HAVE WINGS. SOME OF US HAVE LEARNED THEY HAVE PAWS."On Easter Sunday, 1994 Rick ...
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