Anthony W. Eichenlaub
Publisher: Oak Leaf Books, LLC
Pages: 212

Does victory mean justice, or is J.D. staring down the barrel at revenge? There was a time that might have been a simple question, but not anymore.Nothing's easy in the small town of Dead Oak, Texas where the outlaws scour the skies on flying motorcycles, tech warps the minds of witnesses, and a person can't even trust the metal parts of his own body.But a rancher's been murdered, and J.D. is determined to find the killer. Whether that's revenge or justice, well, probably best to let the bullets decide.--"A futuristic story with its roots in "Gunsmoke" and "The Rifleman."--"Eichenlaub offers up a futuristic world seen through the eyes of a character that is very "old school" cowboy."--"If you enjoy either Zane Grey or Neil Stephenson then you should give this book a try"--"Definitely recommended!"
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