Becky Corwin-Adams
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 72

The events and people mentioned in this book span 13 generations, covering nearly three centuries of family history. The story begins in 1495 when the Bruner family lived in Switzerland. It continues with the 1729 immigration of the Bruner family from Germany to America. Many generations of the Bruner family have been proud to call America their home. This branch of the Bruner family settled in Maryland and later relocated to Ohio. The village of Brunersburg in Defiance County, Ohio was first settled by this family.Also included in this book are stories of the Kemp and Roehrig families as they relate to the Bruner family by marriage.This book could be the story of any immigrant family of the same era. It includes the generations I personally knew, the family that I grew up with, and the stories that have been passed down from generation to generation. Names and dates have been recorded ...
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