Leon Cutajar
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Pages: 36

Over 3000 downloads to date Leon Cutajar's . Burn Fat Fast is an easy to follow guide which gives you the important information you need to give you a jump start to a vibrant, radiant and sexy new you! Included in this fully illustrated book is a simple eating plan, complete definition of the body mass index and explains how you can measure your own body mass index and introduces you to the benefits of Alkaline Water. If you are tired of counting calories, fat grams and points and you are tired of diets that just do not work, then this book is for you..Here Is A Preview Of What You'll Learn...What is weight loss (Its definition and types )The definition of weight managementWhat is a healthy diet?Eating the right proportions Pills and surgery Is surgery really effective for long term healthy weight loss?The benefits of Alkaline water and the PH scale How to maintain the right body weight ...
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