Mistress Benay
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Pages: 41

Mistress Benay once again takes us into her Dungeon in her latest installment of her "Domination Sessions From My Dungeon" Series. Hold on to your Medical Gown and watch out if you bend over, because you are about to meet The FemDom Nurse. In this exciting story, Mistress Benay recounts for us a Session She did with a new client who requested that She do a Medical Scenario with him when he came to visit her Dungeon. In a writing style which has become so popular with our readers, and with Her usual "Spare No Detail" descriptions, Mistress Benay recounts for us the physical examination and treatment the client received at the hands of Nurse Benay. You can be sure that when the patient sat on her examination table, things quickly took a turn in a direction different than he ever could have imagined. Mistress Benay describes in detail the unconventional Medical Tests and the unique ...
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