James Paris
Publisher: Deanburn Publications
Pages: 125

NOW NO 1 BEST SELLER IN CATEGORY!How To Grow Healthy Organic vegetables In Only 16 Square FeetIf you would like to grow your own healthy vegetables buthave limited space to do so, then this is the book for you! Best-Selling authors James Paris and Norman J Stone combine their knowledge ofself-sufficiency and growing organic vegetables to present this book onsquare foot gardening.This method of growing vegetables in small spaces, combines RaisedBed Gardening with the concept of providing a good range of organicallygrown vegetables within the smallest of areas. Through the combined useof the ideal growing compost for best nutrition, and Companion Plantingmethods for nutrition and pest/disease control; SFG is the gardeningmethod of choice for millions of 'switched on' gardeners today.Along with Raised Bed and container planting methods, SFG is another way that individuals can take back ...
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